Your website optimized for SEO

Google changed its rule and we know it.

Being experts in web positioning, the web pages that ProSEOnet develops are not only attractive to its users, but also to Google.

Google some time ago changed the rules for how it reads all the websites that are in its search engine.

A common web designer may know how to make visually appealing pages, but does not know the factors to consider when developing the code.

There are at least 20 basic optimization points that a web page must meet in order to be correctly identified by search engines and we apply them to every web page we design.

The Internet and with this the most important search engines, are on a path of constant change and if you do not follow the steps, you will simply only have a nice web page, which will never appear in the top positions of Google, rather something that it will not allow it to grow organically in any way.

Let yourself help simplify this path to first place on Google.

These are some examples of what we can offer you so that you have your website ready to be viewed and considered by Google in an optimized way.

In other words, the SEO website that Google and search engines like.

SEO Web Site

A WordPress website is a perfect solution modern, simple and responsive that is optimized for all devices.

WP-Basic web Site SEO

A WordPress website is a perfect solution for companies that need a simple but intuitive solution. We will design for you a modern and responsive WordPress website that is optimized for all devices, created by our in-house graphics and web experts.

WP-Value Web Site SEO

It is for companies that need to tell a little more about their services and products. Using more content from a basic website this plan has 10 pages so that you have a more complete solution according to your need to offer more content

WP-Advance Web Site SEO

This package is most suitable for Medium Scale Business, blog / portfolio websites which require user registrations, content changes, and management. You will have at your disposal more than 20 pages designed that are optimized for all devices, built by our in-house graphic and web experts.

If you don't have a website it's because you don't want

We have the most competitive prices in the market because, we want your company to be able to benefit from the presence on the internet, and to recommend our service to more companies that, like you, can finally have a website.

WP-Basic Website SEO

Feature List

WP-Value Website SEO

Feature List

WP-Advance Website SEO

Feature List